10 Tips For The Summer Bride

As Dallas brides move into spring and summer, there is a special kind of excitement in the air. Anticipation is high for outdoor engagement parties and soirees, evening spent dining al fresco with family and friends, honeymoons on faraway beaches, and a warm romantic breeze to accompany all of these activities. But we know you have some concerns about weather, heat, and staying fresh –for you and your guests – so we’ve pulled together some tips on staying gorgeous, keeping cool, and making sure your future mother-in-law doesn’t collapse from the heat.

1.  Consider taking afternoon parties inside. As enjoyable as an outdoor afternoon luncheon is, it’s just as fun to enjoy a soiree at a tea shop or luncheon boutique.

2.  Suggest hotels that have indoor pools for families that will be coming in. Parents can watch their children enjoy the pool while they enjoy visiting poolside –in air-conditioned comfort.

3.  Plan the outdoor activities for evenings when possible. Consider a locally owned restaurant or pub that has a patio with plentiful seating. Locally owned and operated venues will give you much more attention and a personal touch. You’ll have the double bonus of supporting local small businesses.

4.  If you have anything planned for the outdoors, have a backup plan. Do I need to mention Texas weather here? Thunderstorms, high=-winds, and tornadoes kill the romance of a summer wedding.

5.  Consider insects. Have gift bags ready for your guests that include safe insect repellant swabs. Have on hand small citronella candles that can be pulled out of a bag and used no matter where you find yourselves in the evening.

6.  Use sunscreen liberally. Your wedding week isn’t the best time to risk a sunburned nose and tender back. It could really kill the honeymoon, too.

7.  Consider having handheld fans and sun-visors made by a local printer or online via Zazzle.com. You can put you and the groom’s name on them to make them a wedding souvenir. Give them to guests upon arrival and they can enjoy them throughout the week.

8.  If your ceremony is outdoors, be practical and specify on the invitations something like “suits and ties forbidden!”or “light-weight clothing advised.”

9.  Chose your make-up carefully and advise the other ladies to do the same. Consider water-proof products and avoid liquid eyeliners, blush, and foundations. Consider artificial lashes. Consult with a skincare professional for tips on summer makeup solutions.

10.  Plan to have your hair be as natural as possible. An elaborate formal hairstyle is impractical for an outdoor Texas wedding.

We are so blessed to live in a climate that allows for joyous outdoor occasions and family fun. Don’t let the heat challenges put a damper on your special day. Follow these tips and seek out more on the web, and you’ll go into the most magical summer of your life prepared.

Featured image: http://www.wedding-flowers-and-reception-ideas.com