8 Tips For Bridal Shower Success

A bridal shower is often the time when it really “sinks in”for most brides. Picking out the dress, the cake, and the flowers are fun but still somewhat detached from the reality that the bride faces when she unwraps that first toaster or her grandmother’s china. Coupled with all of the normal emotions is the concern and stress of being equally appreciative of every gift and paying equal attention to every guest.

It’s your job as her maid of honor, friend, bridesmaid, sister to make this occasion as fun and stress-free for her as possible. Follow these tips and you’ll breeze through tricky bridal shower guest list worries.

1. Handle invitations carefully.

2. Cover the guest list with the bride. Generally, the list will include all female family members of the bride and the groom, her girlfriends, close co-worker friends, neighbors, and all of the bridesmaids.

3. Have an idea about other showers that will be occurring. If her co-workers are having a shower for her, do you need to still invite them to this shower? Consult with the bride. It is generally poor etiquette to expect a guest to provide two gifts.

4. If a guest is invited to the bridal shower, she must be invited to the wedding. This doesn’t go in reverse, however. Wedding guests do not have to be invited to the shower. An exception to the rule is a bridal shower thrown by co-workers.

5. Flower girls can be invited to the activity as long as the activities are appropriate for children.

6. Traditionally, the number of people who were invited to a bridal shower was 10-20. Etiquette now allows for the amount to be increased.

7. Bridal showers usually do not include men, but if the bride approves, it’s socially acceptable to have a co-ed shower. The maid of honor should plan for activities that will include male and female guests.

8. Most bridal showers should take place at least a month before the wedding ceremony, and six weeks to a month is even better.

Above all, a bridal shower is more about having fun and enjoying a bonding time with the women in the bride’s family and the groom’s family. Follow these tips and keep it fun, and it will be a memory that everyone will cherish for years to come.

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