16 Reasons To Love Winter Weddings

Why would any North Texas bride plan for a winter wedding when she has nine beautiful months in which to be wed? Here are 16 reasons.

As freezing temperatures and sheets of ice roll into North Texas, it brings to mind something we don’t write about very much – the winter wedding. Texas weather is so beautiful for about nine months of the year that most brides plan their wedding for the months when they can take advantage of good weather. But what if you didn’t? What if you planned your wedding for the winter months? What if….you did it on purpose so that you could enjoy the beauty of a silvery winter wedding theme?

We realize that not many North Texas brides (any?) are going to plan their wedding for the ice storms, but we can still enjoy spending this cold icy day looking at wedding treasures. Here are 16 reasons to love winter weddings.

1. This bouquet.

2. And this one.

3. Mint and Gold.

4. These gloves.

5. These bridesmaids necklaces.

6. This ice chapel.

7. This cake.

8. This winter wonderland.

9. This one, too.

10. White wedding coats.

11. This wedding photo.

12. The mere idea of the one occasion when you can wear a white faux fur stole.

13. This winter wedding word search puzzle.

14. These shoes.

15. The adorable ring bearer who would carry this pillow.

16. Anything that comes in this box.