Alternative Wedding Dresses? Get Inspired By These Celebrities.

What do you wear if you’re a celebrity and can wear any dress in the world that you want to wear? Well….you wear whatever you want!


What would you wear if all of the pressure was off and it was just about what you wanted? Get inspired by these celebrities and their non-traditional alternative wedding dresses.





When Jane Fonda wed TV mogul Ted Turner in 1991, she certainly could have worn any dress she wanted, but she opted for this old-fashioned and elegant style.





Keira Knightley showed her practical side when she wore this Rodarte frock to her 2013 wedding to James Righton in the South Of France. The surprise? She wore it a number of times — both before AND after her wedding!





Leah Wood married Jack Macdonald in 2008 and opted for this vintage gown. Her wedding theme was Midsummer Night’s Dream.



bgillespie_gl_5apr11_rex_592x888 (2)


What do stylists wear to their weddings? Anything they want! U.K. stylist Katy England chose a pink and white candy-striped dress. And check out the groom’s tux.





When you think of Marilyn Monroe, you don’t usually think “understated.” But for her wedding to Joe Dimaaggio, she wore this very modest and demure dark brown suit.




Actress Shenae Grimes of 90210 wore this breathtaking black chiffon Vera Wang dress to her wedding to John Beech.





Wasn’t Yoko Ono adorable at her wedding to legendary Beatle John Lennon? Love those socks!





Mick Jagger’s wedding to Bianca Pérez-Mora Macias revealed the bride’s style sense. She wore this white skirt suit with plunging neckline. The wide-brimmed hat with a veil was perfect.





Always a style-setter, Mia Farrow opted for a chick white skirt suit at her wedding to Frank Sinatra.





Julianne Moore’s lilac Prada gown was gorgeous but perhaps even more stunning were her green accessories. It was all perfect with her stunning red hair.



ahepburn_gl_5apr11_rex_592x888 (1)


Audrey Hepburn chose a mini-dress with pumps and headscarf for her wedding with Andrea Dotti. It was her second wedding.





For her first wedding to Mel Ferrer, Audrey choose a more formal gown, but it was still non-traditional. The Edwardian inspired piece had a nipped in waist, a knee-length full skirt, and bell sleeves.




Canary yellow? Yes, if you’re Elizabeth Taylor! Groom Richard Burton’s cigarette accessory is cringe-worthy, but the matching yellow boutonniere is a great touch.





If you want a long and elegant dress that is close to traditional but still alternative? The timeless classic style worn by Wallis Simpson for her wedding to the former King Edward VII is perfect. If it’s good enough for a king, it’s good enough for anyone!