Question: Where are your clothes made/shipped from?

Answer: We are US owned & only order/carry items from a handful of US based manufacturers.  This helps to ensure quality, accurate sizing, and better service.  

Question: How do I place an order?

Answer: You can place an order right here thru our website, or visit our Facebook page to participate in one of our live sales. 

Question: How do your clothes fit?

Answer: Our items are true to US sizes, not the smaller overseas knockoff items, so please keep this in mind when ordering.  We also note in each item description if the item runs loose/smaller/etc...  Our standard sizing chart can be found here: https://www.dallasbridalshowblog.com/pages/sizing-chart

Question: How do I check on the shipping status of my order?

Answer: You can log into your account on our site anytime to check on your order/shipping status.  We also recommend checking the item description if you are unsure of when it is shipping to see if it has a restock date in its description.  More shipping info questions can be found here: https://www.dallasbridalshowblog.com/pages/shipping-info

Question:  How do I set up a return?

Answer: Unlike almost all other boutiques, we offer exchanges (as well as returns).  Please see our return policy here:  https://www.dallasbridalshowblog.com/pages/returns-exchanges for more info.